Happiness Project: Reading Lists

I never need to make the resolution to read more; reading is one of my main pleasures in life.

And travel is for me a good opportunity to catch up on some different reading, so my packing for trips back to Europe aways includes a variety of books I might not get round to reading otherwise. This trip I’m (re)reading “Howard’s End is on the Landing” by Susan Hill, in which the author spends a year reading – and writing about – books she already owns. It has started two trains of thought…

The first is that, like Ms Hill, I have books on my shelves that I have either not yet read, or which warrant re-reading. I’m going to set aside a bookcase for these so that they are always on hand when I’m in need of literary  inspiration. There are probably enough that I won’t need to buy a new book for six months if not more! Not that it will stop me…

And the second is to actually write down the titles of the interesting books Ms Hill mentions that I haven’t got, so that I can read them too. It’s going to be quite a list!

Which leads me to more lists:

A friend posted this IMG_0188


on Facebook and I’m trying it for a different approach to book selections. I’m working on my first line and so far I’ve read or am reading: “The Signature of All Things” by Elizabeth Gilbert – over 500 pages; “The Black Moth” by Georgette Heyer – author under 30; “Paprika” by Yasutaka Tsutsui – one-word title; “The Killing Floor” by Lee Child – first book by a favourite author; “Black Cherry Blues” by James Lee Burke – book a friend loves. Only 150 pages of the first to go…another book that’s in my packing!

More of a challenge is this list. And this is well-nigh impossible! So far I’m up to 31 and 110 respectively. I don’t expect to finish…

What do you like to read. How do you make your selections?