Friday I’m in Love: Mystery Plant

About this time of year the most delicious scent perfumes our whole street…somewhere between jasmine and orange blossom. My neighbours ask me every time what it is, as it seems to emanate from our garden. And every year I am stumped. It’s not from the camellias or azaleas, and there was apparently nothing else in flower in enough profusion to produce that much fragrance. I even wondered if the smell was coming from our eucalyptus trees or from the live oak next door.

It turns out that it’s neither, but an internet search of what live oak blossoms smell like produced this hint:

“Ray Charles Live Oak: A garden to smell and touch…These tiny blossoms emit such a fragrant scent that it can easily be smelled dozens of feet away…”

which sounded like what I was looking for so I followed the link and was led to the fragrant olive or osmanthus fragrans. There is no picture on the Facebook page so I did a bit more googling…et voila! It’s easy to see how I missed it as the flowers are pretty insignificant:


but the plant itself is very handsome


and the seeds are pretty too.


Definitely a keeper!