April Fish

The origin of April Fool’s Day is mysterious. My favourite version is that until the 18th century the New Year was celebrated in some places on March 25th (the feast of the Annunciation), with a week-long party ending on April 1st. When the church changed the official date to January 1st in 1654, people began to make fun of the “fools” who stuck to the old ways. Whatever the reason, jokes have been played across Europe on April 1st since at least the 17th century.

In France and Italy the tradition is to try to stick a fish (usually made of paper) on a person’s back without them noticing and I think this is much nicer than some of the more slapstick pranks played elsewhere.

One of my favourite craft blogs had this



{click on the image for its link}

a few years back and it inspired me to look for other craft-y fish. Why not let these inspire you to try some gentler and more creative April Fool’s this year?




 {click on the image for its link}

 My version of April Fish? We’re going to have sushi for dinner…


Since a good proportion of the house is finished, my Lovely Man has decide to throw a party. And not just a small select dinner either, but a full-on Oscars party. LM has been wandering about his office issuing invitations left and right, so it’s looking like we could be as many as thirty in the kitchen on Sunday. Yikes! So I turned to my trusty Pinterest and began to plan.

There has to be a red carpet.


And I just love this idea:


Stars everywhere (even if they are made of card).


I’m hoping our guests will dress up (although, this being California, they may not – that’s OK). This is my dress


– if I can get it finished in time!

Cocktails of course.



Popcorn, beautifully presented.


And games! Which of course means prizes…everyone should have the chance to win an Oscar…


I think I’m in for a busy week (good job I love to cook)!

(sources: Pinterest)