Design Project: Bedspread

I want to make a new cover for our bed. Our current cover Newcomb under the bedspread - bellesideesis what the French call a boutis, a double-sided padded quilt (a variation of trapunto work) in a single colour with a scalloped edge. It has done sterling work for the last four years but it’s time for a change. But what to replace it with? The bedroom has a slightly French-Asian vibe and a traditional pieced patchwork would look out of place, so I started looking at alternatives.

First I found Hawaiian quilting. Although I’m not a fan of the traditional strong color contrasts I love the geometric qualities of the pieces (the patterns are made by folding and cutting paper, usually into four) and the fact that the motifs can be quite large-scale. Look at this beauty!

Hawaiian quilt with lolekani pattern from


Done in a more monochrome colour scheme this could look stunning.

And then I discovered sashiko. I love the idea of hand-stitching, even though it would be a laborious process.

Sashiko stitching{source}

And it echoes back to the machine stitching in the French boutis, which is about to be reincarnated as a bed skirt like this.

French bedskirt{source}

I think my new bedspread might take a while…


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