Pink Monday

If you are like me you make resolutions every January which bite the dust once real life sets in. I learned this year that this is a well-known phenomenon and that those who care have identified a specific date for when this slump occurs: Blue Monday, or the third Monday of January. Well, this year I mean to try to stick to my guns and to this end I invited my trainer (and friend) and some of her other clients who have also become friends, to a morale-boosting party. And thus was born Pink Monday…
Although I love to cook I’m mindful of my resolution not to let myself get stressed and so I made it a pot-luck, with everyone contributing a favourite healthy dish.
We started in the pink theme with raspberry-ginger bellinis (click the image for recipe) with our appetisers.
I decided on roast salmon, fennel and red onions with blood oranges as a main course (which was basically chopping and peeling).
And for dessert we had mixed berries with fresh mint and tarragon and a sprinkling of chopped crystallized ginger and pine nuts
Very easy! Add a couple of bottles of decent wine and lots of interesting conversation and it was the perfect antidote to Blue Monday. So much fun, in fact that I’d love to make it a regular thing.
What do you do to boost your morale?

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