Photo Challenge

Posting late this week due to a ‘flu relapse. Nasty bug! Also, a software upgrade has rendered my photographs inaccessible (temporarily, I hope!) so I can’t share the post I planned. So here is a post ABOUT images, WITHOUT images…
One of the creative activities I enjoy very much is photography. My father is a keen amateur photographer, especially of nature and landscapes and we often compare notes and share images. We share a fun and friendly rivalry when we are together competing for the best shot (he uses a Nikon to my Canon) which causes amusement to other photographers, though often irritation to my mother! My brother-in-law is getting in on the act, too. Sadly, since we are now a continent apart, that doesn’t happen as much as I would like.
However, inspiration was in short supply towards the end of last year and so one of my many New Year resolutions was to re-inspire my enthusiasm. So far I have two ideas. First is a weekly/monthly/seasonal photographic challenge. It might be a new technique, a new place or a piece of kit to make. This month I found and began to use an app called PicFrame (very simple and great fun) which you will notice in evidence on these pages. I have a whole Pinterest board full of projects, challenges and checklists and one of my jobs for when I next have free time (!) is to go through all the challenge lists and write a few for myself. I’m thinking a general monthly one and a seasonal one.
The second is much easier: we have the beautiful Descanso Gardens at the bottom of the hill and I am going to make a point of going at least once a month to photograph what’s there. Perhaps I’ll tie in the monthly challenge with the Descanso project!
Since writing this I’ve made a start on the challenges. I’ll share the first seasonal challenge when I’ve decided whether we are in Winter or Spring here in SoCal! But here is the monthly challenge – I’m picking two topics each month.

Monthly Photo Challenge :

  • Colour
  • Negative space
  • Flowers/Fruit
  • From a high/low angle
  • Animal
  • Makes me smile
  • Long exposure
  • Favourite place
  • Dark/Light
  • Taste of the month
  • Beauty
  • Morning
  • Silhouette/shadow
  • Bird
  • Clouds
  • Sparkle
  • Focus
  • Reflection
  • Pattern/texture
  • Letter/Number
  • Close up/far away
  • Water
  • Evening/night
  • Rim-/back-lighting
Feel free to join in!
What creative activities do you enjoy? How do you find inspiration?

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