Hello again, world!

So, I was a nonexistent blogger last year. No excuses…I fell out of the habit and never got back in. I plan to TRY to do better in 2014. In the meantime, here is a summary of 2013: 2013 montage

My lovely parents came to stay for the first time December-February and we toured the sights of Southern California. We achieved two lifetime ambitions ~ to see monarch butterflies clustering (me), and whales in their natural habitat (my mother). Plus sea otters, dolphins and lots of birds, not to mention some amazing scenery…

At the end of February lost our beloved friend and companion, Beauty. She is now buried in my kitchen garden.

We made progress on the house. Phase I is complete and we have begun phase 2. More on that later.

June saw us back in England to celebrate the wedding of my eldest step-daughter.

And on our return we happened upon a darling rescue kitten, Newcomb, who was soon joined by another, Rocky. Expect lots of pictures!



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