The Sky is Falling…Being a Bond Girl

One would think, since we live on the West Coast, that we would be unaffected by the current mess caused by Hurricane Sandy. I wish! As previously mentioned, my lovely man (LM), is a huge James Bond fan, and a friend of David of The New Zaritsky Archive. David has an epic Halloween Party every year and we were lucky enough to be invited to this year’s, which given Bond’s 50th anniversary and the premiere of Skyfall, had the theme of Spies and Detectives.

It was a given that LM would want to be some incarnation of Bond, so my choices were narrow from the start. Being a woman of a certain age I knew that I was looking for one of the earlier Bond girls, And being a Brit, who better than Solitaire? But of course LM had specific ideas about which costume…

But then again, in a former life I was a dress designer.  Fabric from Jo-Ann, trim from Southall, beads from Thailand, two weeks of sewing…Guess who took first place?

Then we had to get home. Our flight from Philadelphia was of course cancelled but we found a flight from Pittsburgh. So we abandoned the Zaritsky After-Party and got into our hired mini. The Pittsburgh flight was cancelled the following morning. Back into the mini…through wind and rain to Cincinnati. We are now back in sunny CA but our thoughts are very much with our friends back East…who still have no power…Great party, guys. And the Sky really did Fall.

Anyone need a slightly used Bond Girl costume?


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