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Nothing much to report within the house this week. Luckily the skies have provided some inspirational sustenance. 


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The Master Suite is beginning to take shape. Stud walls are up, and for the last week electricians have been up ladders with reels of wire. It is now possible to envisage finished spaces.

Which has me musing about closets. The English don’t really do “closets”. We have wardrobes, which in most cases are only as deep as your average coat-hanger. So the concept of a separate room where one stores one’s clothes is somewhat alien. And in our master suite we have not one but two rooms! There is no way that either of us will fill that much space, so I have decided to make them dual purpose and use them as dressing rooms.

I’m not a girlie girl but I fancy a bit of a “boudoir” feel for my space. I found this great idea on Pinterest, and I’d love to find some vintage fashion photos or adverts to frame to go with. (Hm, maybe a visit to the Nice antiques market – and my sister – is in order?) I also have a nice Venetian-style mirror so maybe I should put a vanity at the end for hair and make-up. I’m finding myself more and more drawn to the Deco mirrored furniture which seems to be popping up everywhere, but a nice Indian inlaid or metal-covered piece would look good too. And isn’t this chair divine?

Now, if I inflicted a boudoir on my husband I’d probably be sleeping alone! So I’m going masculine on his side. He’s a James Bond nut, so think secret agent…

Of course, we don’t even have proper walls yet so all this is in my head.

Watch this space for updates!



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Do you enjoy doing laundry? I’m not a lover of ironing, but I do like the smell of freshly washed clothes. So imagine my distress when we moved into our new home and found that this:

 was the laundry. It’s infuriating on a number of levels.

1. It’s in the garage! All laundry has to be carried downstairs to be washed and, once ironed, hauled back upstairs to be put away.

2. It’s in the garage! The car you can (just) see is not used on a daily basis so I always have the fun of squeezing around it AND a variety of tools with my baskets just to get to the machine.

3. It’s in the garage! Any clean laundry that accidentally hits the floor is likely to pick up sawdust, oil, brake fluid…

Not to mention the lack of a sink for hand-washing, or dedicated drying/airing/storage space…

So part of the remodel plan is to have a whole room upstairs entirely devoted to laundry. Here is my inspiration:


There will be not one but two sinks with storage underneath for linen baskets and cleaning products, a rail for pending ironing, and a proper linen cabinet. This is the space:  (Sorry, it’s difficult to get a good angle.) In the 1930s, when the house was built, this room was the cedar closet, where the lady of the house stored her furs. It’s in the existing part of the house, between the guest room and the maid’s room (as it’s called on the original blue-prints).

The machines will go on the back wall and the area to the left will have a pair of sinks with open shelves below and a drying rail above. This nice built-in cabinet  is original and will make a wonderful linen cabinet.

In a nod to the art deco style of the 1930s I’ve chosen this tile:

but done in a honey/chocolate combo which fits better with what is going on in the rest of the house. Once the plumbing and so on is complete the cedar will be going back on the wall, and to complement it I’ve chosen a butchers’ block-style counter from IKEA. An original light fixture ~ ~ salvaged from a previous remodel of the house completes the look. Can’t wait!

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