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Crane Day…

For several weeks a large piece of timber was parked kerb-side outside our house.

Not the most convenient thing, but we sort of got used to its presence. Then came this:

Contractor John warned us to vacate the house – which as this was the day my lovely man had chosen for a lie-in, did not go down too well! But vacate we did…even the cat…

The crane backed up onto the front lawn as far as it could get

and the guys scurried around to get everything level.

And then we were off!

 I’ve never been so close to a working crane so it was fascinating – and a little bit scary – to watch the process. Of course, nothing is as simple as it first seems and it was a some time before everything was in place, but now we are on our way to having a roof.

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Our dream home is really beginning to take shape! Although at times it sounds as though the guys are trying to create us a new back door with their hammers, it is exciting to see the walls go up. If you remember, this is what the back of the house used to look like, with our bedroom right in front of the entertaining space.

This is what it looks like now:

The large opening is for 16 feet of glass doors which will lead from the new great room onto a fabulous porch. This is what it looks like from the inside – in effect the view from my stove. Not bad, eh?

This will be the window over the kitchen sink.

And this wall will be filled with kitchen cabinets, the ovens and the fridge. 

And finally, this former closet will be a little “pool bath”. Sounds much nicer than “outside loo”!

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House update No. 1

It’s been a while. While work on our soon-to-be dream home has been exciting there hasn’t been much visually worth showing. But I am beginning to feel inspired again!

After weeks of things mostly coming down, in late June the guys began building up again.

Then a large truck pulled up in front and a hose was snaked though the garden.

It was fascinating to watch as the guys filled the frames ~  

And now we have foundations!

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